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How to Unlock Bootloader on LG G4 (LG H815) for the European market.

How to Unlock Bootloader on LG G4 (LG H815) for the European market.

Unlock Bootloader on LG G4 (LG H815). For normal conditions you don't need to unlock bootloader on this device. but if you want to install a new firmware on some LG smartphone you must unlock bootloader first. To unlock bootloader on LG G4 (LG H815) you must be careful, If the process failed your device will stop working, even your device becomes physically damaged.

There are some conditions you must know on your LG G4 (LG H815) device after unlock bootloader.
  1. If your LG G4 (LG H815) is unlocked, this device will no longer be covered by LG warranty.
  2. Your LG G4 (LG H815) will disable certain functions of your phone.
  3. Your device become vulnerable.
  4. After you have successfully unlock bootloader on LG G4 (LG H815) it can not be undone.
This is a detail specifications of LG G4 (LG H815), this device is the smartphone with 5,5 Inchi wide IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, work on Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop), upgradable to v6.0 (Marshmallow), and supported with Hexa-core (4x1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 & 2x1.8 GHz Cortex-A57) CPU, Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 Chipset, Adreno 418 GPU, combined with 3 GB of RAM and 16 MP of Main camera and 8 MP on secondary camera. And this device Released 2015, April.

Guide Unlock Bootloader on LG G4 (LG H815).

  1. Make sure your device is LG G4 (LG H815) smartphone.
  2. Then go to this page.
    lg developer - log in page
    lg developer - log in page
  3. If you are not logged into your LG account, you will be ask to log in.
  4. If you have successfully Log in to the page, 
    • Your name and email address will be displayed in the form.
    • On the phone drop down list, select LG H815.
      lg h815 unlock bootloader
      lg h815 unlock bootloader
    • Then enter 15 digits your IMEI or MEID. See this guide to find your IMEI/MEID
    •  Now enter your Device ID.
      Lg device information form
      Lg device information form
  5. How to find Device ID ? See this guide
  6. Now click submit.
  7. If your IMEI number and Device ID are valid, LG will send you the unlock key to your email on an attached file named “unlock.bin”.
  8. Now download unlock.bin file to the computer, then copy this file on adb directory.
  9. Then right click + Shift on empty area where you downloaded your bootloader unlock key (unlock.bin) and select open command window here.
    open command window here
    open command window here
  10. Then type Type the following cmd into command window:
    • type : adb reboot bootloader
      • hit enter
    • your LG G4 (LG H815) will reboot now.
    • Then type : fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin
      • hit enter
        unlock bin - unlock bootloader lg g4 (lg h815)
        (lg h815)
  11. Now your LG G4 (LG H815) has an unlocked bootloader.

How to Check Bootloader Lock Status.

  1. From the step 9 above, you can type the following command below in command prompt windows.
    • Type  fastboot getvar unlocked
    • hit enter.
  2. You must get the response is "unlocked: yes"
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