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Qualcomm & Allwinner LTE tablets success on display at Computex

Qualcomm Snapdragon processors with 4G LTE aren’t just for smartphones, cars, and the Internet of Things. They’re also used in tablets, from the latest cutting-edge high-end devices to the most cost-efficient, yet valuable devices made.

As you might have seen, last year Qualcomm Technologies struck up a valuable collaboration with Allwinner Technology to enable Chinese OEMs and ODMs to develop cost-effective Snapdragon based 4G LTE tablets for domestic sales and worldwide export. This was to further benefit these companies by having a well-recognized, respected, and trusted brand name like Snapdragon associated with their devices, and to look at new and effective ways to market these devices through operator channels, to more efficiently distribute into the hands of tech-savvy consumers.

We’re happy to say this collaboration is already bearing fruit, as evidenced by the number of Snapdragon 4G LTE-enabled tablets being unveiled by OEMs like Cube with its 7-inch T2 phablet (to be available this summer within and outside of China), and ODMs like Emdoor with its 8-inch, 10-inch and industrial sized tablets. Both Emdoor and Cube will showcase these new devices at their booths at Computex 2016.

This is all thanks to a win-win relationship among Qualcomm Technologies, Allwinner, several Chinese ODM and OEMs, carriers, and global retailers.

That collaboration is benefiting the entire white label ecosystem, including global store brands. Retailers are increasingly interested in selling cost-effective 4G LTE-connected tablets into the open market due to the widespread availability of LTE network and affordable data plans. Using industry-leading 4G LTE-enabled Snapdragon processors for connected tablets, carriers can make efficient use of network bandwidth, maximize the number of devices on the network, and increase revenue from data subscribers.

Allwinner is also expected to add additional reference platforms in the near future, offering an even broader array of options to its customers, and ultimately to the entire ecosystem. 

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