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Video & Photo Gallery: Unboxing Romoss BE-401 Portable Charger Station

You can buy Romoss BE-401 Portable Charger Station from romoss.com.sg for only $349.

Romoss BE-401 Portable Charger Station - The Ultimate Always-Ready Charger Station with High Capacity, Portable Power Banks for People on the Go. Anytime. 

We have all encountered situations at home, at the office, or on the go where the dreaded low-battery icon greets us. If you don’t have the proper cable or a backup battery available, you may find yourself out of power or forced to connect your valuable smartphone to a crowded, overloaded and unsafe power source. Romoss solves these problems for everyone including family, friends, colleagues and businesses by providing the ultimate in backup power and charging versatility. 

Unlike other charging stations which tether devices in a central location for multi-point charging, Romoss holds a set of 8 high capacity power banks that are charged and ready at all times. Each portable power bank has a 10,000 mAh battery capacity and dual USB outlets. Users simply grab a pre-charged power bank and connect their device. The power banks are compact and light enough to travel anywhere so users can get re-charges and greatly extended service time out of any mobile device.  The massive battery capacity and dual outlets allow each power bank to quickly and safely charge two devices simultaneously. When charging is complete the power banks can be returned to the Charger Station where they are stored safely and quickly recharged.

Enterprise customers will be pleased to finally have a scalable charging solution that can be custom configured in minutes at an economical price. Exhibitions, conferences and festivals could offer this service to their customers during the event and ensure that the power banks are returned at the end of the event by charging a small deposit. The Romoss brings added value to small businesses who want to build relationships with their customers. Every local business should have one.

Romoss BE-401 Portable Charger Station Features
Always-on Readiness: 8 portable power banks are maintained in the Romoss Charger Station for multiple device charging capability.
Portable Power: Each Romoss power bank is a portable Li-Polymer battery packed with a 10,000 mAh capacity, enough to power through your day and beyond.
High Quality: We sourced, tested and secured the best materials for Romoss. It is not just an appliance, it is an investment in long-term, safe charging for all your devices.
Scalable: The Charger Station is designed to be easily scalable with a simple power link connection from Romoss. It can scale to grow with you and suit the needs of teams of any size.
Intuitive: Romoss Charger Station is easy to use. Its one button operation and full-charge indicator lights tell you everything you need to know at a glance.
Safety: Device safety is a paramount issue for us. The Romoss uses intelligent circuitry and overcharge protection to optimize charging rates for each device for safe, efficient charging.
Plug & Play: Connect the Romoss Charger Station to A/C power and turn it on with a single button for always-on readiness. After initial charging the Romoss portable power banks are ready for use.
Design: Romoss was designed with a modern minimal look. Appropriate for any office, conference room home or place of business. Its dimensions are perfect for side-by-side operation when connected in a series.
Romoss BE-401 Portable Charger Station Specifications
Product name: Portable Charger Station
Model: BE-401 
Capacity: - each battery: 10000 mAh x 8 (Cell: Li-polymer)
Input: - each battery: 5V 2A, Station: 100V-240V
Output: - each battery: DC5V 2.4A MAX, Station: 5V - 16A (MAX)
Weight: - each battery: 235g / 8.29oz, Station: 1400g / 49.4oz
Rated Power: 80W
Dimension: - 2-in-1 cable: 28-50 cm, each battery: L144 x W68 x H18 mm, Station: L308 x W144 x H132 mm
Service Temperature: Charging: 0-45 C degrees, Discharging: 10-60 C  degrees
Storage Temperature:  20-60 C  degrees
Product code:  BE-401-03 / 6951758340846
Package content 

1 x Romoss BE-401 Portable Charger Station
8 x Interchageable Power Pack 10000 mAh model BE-201
8 x 2-in-1 USB Charging Cable
1 x AC Power Cord 
15 x 'Free Charging' Table Sticker
1 x 'Free Charging' Wall Sticker

Photo gallery full album here.
Artistic photos made by grafixstudio.ro.
About Romoss. ROMOSS is a globally technology-oriented and reliable provider of charging solutions, specializing in power banks, car chargers and power adapters for all mobile devices.ROMOSS is a world leading manufacturer of external batteries. it’s products, powered millions of mobile devices like, smartphones, tablets, laptop and many other bluetooth devices. ROMOSS unrivaled, patented eUSB Auto Voltage Switching Technology (patent no.201120289581.7), charge fast and protect your devices batteries from over charging and collateral damage. ROMOSS incorporate innovative technology into it’s products that are smaller, more powerful, durable, and safe! Using a unique brand of hi-tech energy conversion technology, ROMOSS provide an intelligent gateway to using external batteries. The entire ethos about ROMOSS was the commitment and passion. These distinguishing features make ROMOSS a leading brand in the global 3C external battery industry.

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