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Ulefone Vienna First Marshmallow Update Comes

Dear users of Ulefone Vienna,
The first update on Android 6.0 for your phone has been released OTA. You either have received the notification or you will do in a few hours. The new firmware can be installed under Settings – About phone – wireless update.
The 20160830 software will delete the adware while fixing the problem of automatic app installation. For both problems, we feel very sorry as we failed to detect them when we upgraded the Lollipop software to Marshmallow.
Before installing the update, please back up your data and remove SD card in case of errors.

If your phone still runs the Android 5.1 software

If your phone still runs the android 5.1 software, you can also upgrade your phone directly to the latest Marshmallow software, but there are some tips that you need to read very carefully.
1. Since the Marshmallow upgrade involves a big firmware, there may be some interruption during the downloading especially when many people download it at the same time. Therefore We strongly suggest you download the marshmallow firmware from this link and do the SD Flash. Please don’t feel frustrated because this is not USB flash and only involves some more clicks of buttons than OTA (Please scroll down to read SD Flash Guidance).
2. For OTA upgrade, you must have updated your phone to the 20160623 version of Android 5.1 software. Otherwise, your phone will not detect the Marshmallow upgrade. But SD flash fits every version of Android 5.1 software.
3. If you still choose OTA upgrade,  please remove SD card before that.
4.There is small possibility that your upgrade will fail when you will not be able to use your phone. In this case, USB flash will save your phone and of course upgraded  it to the latest marshmallow software (follow this link: http://ulefone.com/download/vienna.html to the USB flash page).
5. Please back up your data and make a copy of media files in case of errors during upgrade.
After upgrade, if there is anything you are not satisfied with, please feel free to tell us through customer service (service@ulefone.com).

Card Flash Guidance:

1. Download the Card Flash ROM from this link
2. Put it on the root category of your phone storage or SD card.
3. Go to Settings – About Phone – Wireless Update, click the menu icon on the upright corner, click “local update“, choose the ROM to install, and then wait for the upgrade to complete itself.


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