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[Guide] Hard Reset Android LG ZONE X180G to Remove Forgotten Password.

[Guide] Hard Reset Android LG ZONE X180G to Remove Forgotten Password. 

Hard Reset LG ZONE X180G. This Android smartphone available on Mexico country, and now guidebelajar will show you how to perform hard reset on this device. You can use this method to remove forgotten password, forgotten PIN, and pattern lock, or when your android device run abnormal. LG ZONE X180G is the Android smartphone that comes with 5,5 Inchi IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, work on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, and supported with 32-bit Octa-Core 1400MHz Processor, MediaTek MT6592M / ARM Cortex-A7 chipset,  combined with 1 GB of RAM, 12,8 MP on Primary camera and 8 MP on secondary camera. This LG ZONE X180G is released on 2016.
lg Zone X180G
lg Zone X180G

When you perform hard reset on the  LG ZONE X180G device, you will removes all data and setting on your android device. such as :
  1. Email accounts
  2. Contacts.
  3. Downloaded apps
  4. System and app data
  5. Media (Music, pictures and videos, etc.)

    #1. Hard Reset LG ZONE X180G Using Menu :

    1. Make sure your batery is fully charged, Recomended you have 80% of battery capacity
    2. Then Backup your LG ZONE X180G. see this guide
    3. Now, from the Home Screen tap Apps.
    4. Then tap Settings.
    5. Tap General Tab -> Backup & Reset.

    6. Tap Factory Data Reset to restore default settings.
    7. Tap Reset Phone -> Delete All to perform a factory reset. Now your LG ZONE X180G will reboot when reset is complete.

    #2. Hard Reset LG ZONE X180G Using Hardware Keys:

    1. Make sure your battery is fully charged, we recomended that your battery has 80% power
    2. Always BackUp your important data that store in LG ZONE X180G. see this guide
    3. Power Off your LG ZONE X180G by press and hold Power Button for a second.
    4. Release any SIM card and SD card that was installed on your LG ZONE X180G smartphone.
    5. Now, press Power Button for 5 seconds.
    6. Then, press and hold a combination key Volume Up + Volume Down at the same time.

    7. Then you will see the LG Logo and Android Logo appear on screen, 
    8. On this screen yo must press and hold Power Button and Volume UP button  ton enter Android System Recovery.
    9. Use volume down button to navigate all menu on this screen, and use Power button to confirm your selection.
    10. Now, select Wipe data/ factory reset then press power button.
    11. On the next screen, select Yes -- delete all user data.
    12. Wait for a while, the hard reset process begin.
    13. once the process is finished LG ZONE X180G, the screen will return to the Android system recovery menu.
    14. Now select Reboot now.
    15. Done, your hard reset process success now.
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