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How To Root CWM Lenovo A6000 / Plus

Tools required:
- Install lenovo driver a6k- Minimal install ADB and Fastboot program, Download- Copy of the extract these files into folders Minimal ADB and Fastboot program.
- Run the adb program (search folder "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" in the program file, continue to click, hold down the shift key, right-click, choose "Open command window here".
- Type "adb reboot bootloader" enter- Type "fastboot boot recovery.img"- If successful the phone will restart and go to cwm mode and select langguage english with pressing the power button 1x
- Then install via cwm its root file:SuperSU 2:37: Download[UPDATE] 2:46 SuperSU Here
note: advice before backup root dlu original rom without root.jika there will be bugs in the root after it coud be returned LGI.
ane already test successfully.hopefully the others also successfullyREMEMBER DWYOR

For those who want a permanent cwm after type "adb reboot bootloader"

agan type "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"
note again: pobud budayakan backup everything that we will change before the execution.

make sure that stock recovery backup, recovery backupan might use me if you want to restore to stock recovery Here
That is all and thank you
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